Delicious, Easy-To-Make Smoothies For Rapid Weight Loss, Increased Energy, & Incredible Health!



The Smoothie Diet-Take The 21-Day Smoothie Diet™ Challenge!

  • It will help you reduce weight and eliminate extra fat from your body

  • It reduces your vulnerability to chronic disease

  • It minimizes your exposure or contact with the toxic standard American diet

  • It increases your overall health

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Real People, Real Results


Jade Kicked 12 Pounds in 21 Days!

"I’ve been trying forever to lose the last 10-15 lbs. and tone up and that’s exactly what happened so I am very happy. I feel great about myself, I don’t find myself holding in my belly anymore and feel confident about myself and people have noticed that about me too...and my love handles are gone! I couldn’t be happier with this whole program and I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to lose a little or lose a lot.”


Sarah Dropped 3 Pounds in 3 Days!

"I've never seen the weight come off like this. I really LOVE this 'diet'! It's more like a life overhaul! I have more energy than I've had in years and my skin is actually glowing! This is the perfect "Mommy Makeover" I was looking for. In the last few weeks I wasn't hungry at all, and it is the perfect complement to my busy lifestyle. I know that I am losing weight in a healthy way!


Danielle Lost 8 Pounds in 1 Week!

"Getting into this diet was so easy and the results were so fast. After only 1 week on the Smoothie Diet I weighed myself and realized I had lost 8 pounds! I feel better and more confident than I have in a very long time, I don't have to suck in my stomach to button my pants anymore and I still have to stop to do a double take every time I walk in front of a mirror."

How The Smoothie Diet Works

  • The smoothie diet contains smoothies that are prepared using healthy ingredients like fruits and veggies. In this diet plan, you do not stop consuming your meals. Instead of this, you only replace one or two meals a day with your smoothies. The Smoothie Diet is designed to show results in just 21 days. You'll need to begin with a 3-day detox before you start the real 21-day program. This helps to flush out all toxins and prep your body.

  • The 21-Day Smoothie Diet is a weight loss plan touted as an easy and effective alternative to fad diets. Then begin your 3-week journey, during which two solid meals each day are replaced with smoothies made of fresh and natural ingredients. The third meal should be a low-cal meal of your choice.

  • These smoothies are made with vegetables and fruits. They are specially formulated to provide you with plenty of vitamins, proteins, and minerals.


  • A guide will even help you decide which solid meals you will eat alongside the smoothies. There are also delicious recommendations for high-fiber and low-sugar snacks and treats.

  • After the detoxification, the real game begins, and you will have to drink smoothies two times a day instead of having a meal. Moreover, you can have a third meal, but that should be low in calories.

  • When you eat fresh fruits and greens and add low-cal meals with lean proteins and good fat, you cut out the toxins of processed food from your diet. Additionally, you stop eating unhealthy foods.

You Get Everything

In just a few minutes, you will have access to everything you need to lose weight and get healthy quickly. I've laid it all out step-by-step so you can start today and lose weight by tomorrow!


The Smoothie Diet's Benefits

  • It can provide noticeable fat and weight loss within less than four weeks

  • Improves the health of your hair and skin

  • Excellent way to improvise skin, hair, and body

  • Smoothies made with natural ingredients that are delicious and low in calories

  • A safe way to slim down as each smoothie recipe consists of all-natural ingredients

  • Easy to prepare smoothie recipes that won’t interfere with your busy schedule

  • Can lose weight even before the 21-day program ends

  • It makes your grocery shopping more convenient with easy to follow shopping lists

The Smoothie Diet 21-Day Program

  • You're in the right place if you want a complete life transformation in the next 3 weeks! This will work for anyone who needs to lose 5-10 pounds or who needs to lose 40 pounds or more. This diet is extremely flexible, so even though the program lasts 21 days, you can continue using it for as long as you want. I explain exactly how to do it.

  • Dramatic weight loss is only one of the numerous benefits you’ll get from this diet. Want more energy, better sleep, sharper thinking, stabilized blood sugar, and more? You are only 21 days away...

  • Get my full 21-DAY weight loss and health improvement program I regularly use with private clients.

  • Weekly shopping list to make it super simple to get nothing but what you need.

  • Over 36 delicious, meal-replacement smoothie recipes to use in the fat-melting process.

  • Smoothie making tips & prep guide to make sure there is no trial and error and ensure you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your new energy and confidence.


Bonus #1: The 3-Day Smoothie Detox

This Detox program is easily worth the price of the whole program. This is something you can do before you start the 21-Day program to help clear out the “cobwebs” and get your body ready for optimal results. It can also be used anytime you want to lose a quick few pounds or “Reset” your health after you go off track (like over the holidays). The great thing is that you will see almost instant weight loss results. One of my clients lost 3 Lbs in 3 Days with this detox program*. The program includes 3 days of 3 specially designed meal replacement detox smoothie recipes, a complete shopping list for everything you need, as well as your choice of 2 recipe options.


Bonus #2: Quick -Start Guide

If you’re anything like me, you wanna get right to the good stuff! I designed this guide to be an easy reference you can print out and start using right away without needing to read the longer core guide. It’s a condensed version of the core guide that contains the 3-week schedule, shopping lists, prep guide, and smoothie recipes. This is a fast track “to do” list that will help you start enjoying the benefits of the program from the very first instant you download it.

“Lose Weight And Feel Better Than You Have In Years... Or It’s On Me!”


You're covered for a full 60 Days. If for any reason you decide this program is not for you, send me an email and I'll refund every questions asked. This is a completely risk-free offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need to lose more weight, How do I continue after the 21 days?

    Smoothie Diet's greatest feature is that you can use it as long as you like to lose as much weight as you want. I make it super simple to continue using everything you learn in the first 3 weeks to extend the program for the next few weeks or even months And you will enjoy each additional week just as much as the first three! I want to give you all the tools you need to continue to lose weight and get healthy as long as you need them.

  • I have T-2 diabetes. Will smoothie diet work for me?

    It is a blend of all 100% natural and side effect free organic fruits and vegetables. So, it is a healthy way even for a diabetic person.

  • Is 21 days smoothie diet a digital or physical product?

    It is a digital product and you will get an instant excess through your mail.

  • How much time does the smoothie diet require to show results?

    Product founder claims that it can show obvious results within 21 days. However, it is more of a subjective question. The results highly depend upon your metabolism, immune system, and weight. If you are heavily overweight and have a slow, slow metabolism, it might take longer than usual to lose weight. For more info the smoothie diet review.

  • Is there anything that comes in the mail?

    This is a fully digital product. You will not receive anything in the mail. The great thing about this is that you will have access to it in minutes. You don't have to wait for anything to arrive on your doorstep. Right now, I want to harness the excitement you're feeling and get you started immediately. You can even do your week 1 shopping today and start tomorrow…or start today! The files are in PDF format. After you checkout, you will automatically be taken to a page where you can download and view everything on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • What if it doesn't work for me?

    I have no problem giving you a full refund if this program does not work for you even when you follow it exactly as I have laid out. I'll even cover you for a full 60 days so if you are unhappy for any reason over the next 2 months, you get your money back. If you don't like the program, I don't want you to pay for it. I believe in building relationships with my customers and your satisfaction is my #1 priority.


Yes Drew, I’m sick and tired of being overweight, having no energy, and worrying about my health. I’m ready to make a change! I understand that my order is fully guaranteed for 60 days and I will have instant access to the program after ordering so I can start burning fat as soon as today!


Limited-time Offer! - Only $47 $37



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